Today, in blurbs.

Today, a friend was telling me about her new boy crush. She is starting to scare me just the tiniest bit with how she seems to look at relationships and dating as experiments and studies. The way she handles "sexy" words are not a plus, either.

I went on a quest for cute boots. I came back with candy.

Everyone should read Feed by M.T. Anderson. Unless you already have, in which case, you are excused from this assignment.

Here is a blurb from the aforementioned friend, because this somehow made my skin crawl, and I want to indulge online strangers with the same feeling: "So, calmed him down and he decided he wanted kisses...I couldn't help giggling at how cute and emotionally deprived he was"

That didn't make a lot of sense, but then again, when do I ever?

I also tried my hand at goofing around on a kink meme. I am worse at this than I expected, but it motivates me to write. You'll never get any porn from me, though, so we can all rest easy!

Here is sort of the funny highlight of my day, ripped from my Facebook because I can't think of a better write up: "Today, my manager showed us how to change the water filters for the ice machine. My coworker installed it correctly, my manager installed it correctly, and we thought I'd installed it correctly. We were all proven wrong when mine shot out and landed on the floor and water went everywhere. Including all over my manager." It was seriously the most hilarious thing ever, and I'll look back on it and laugh.

Also, I look back and laugh at when I first started working, and while stomping lemonade, I slipped somehow and landed face-first on the ground. My old manager and my then-boyfriend both could not stop laughing. It took a whole five minutes for me to say "I twisted my ankle a little. Now what?" It took her another two minutes to get me my workers comp slip.

None of these anecdotes are particularly funny, but I thought you might like to at least laugh at my filter misfortune.

In case anyone was wondering, I got back into HeartGold, and now have a kickass team. Too bad I only ever have to use two Pokemanz. One of them is a Milotic. You're now suddenly filled with a jealous rage.

This is awesome, but kinda ">:I" in the same stroke.

Still heading downtown tomorrow. That reminds me I need to charge my camera plus iPod.

Kay, peace out dudes.

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Last night, I started what is turning into a short, weird fanfic. leavemesmiling was there as a witness.

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Next week I'm going to Old Town, this place about a half an hour from my house, near the city. It's got a lot of shops and restaurants with some historical points of interests in between. There's a haunted house - genuine, no sheet ghosts and wail-y recordings here! - and an old church. We'll be going down on the train, so oh boy oh boy trains yay. I'll also be sleeping, working, and registering for classes next fall. It should be exciting.


Have any of you guys read about that social networking site for kids? I get it's for sharing adorable pictures with relatives near and far, but couldn't you just email for that? Seriously, internet what is up with that.
kai lan


1. Go to the Del Mar Fair. Screw you guys I'm not calling it the San Diego County Fair it is and always has been the Del Mar Fair stop renaming things. I'm probably going to do this with leavemesmiling because she has been talking about getting these passes that let you go as often as you want and it's really cheap and my poor college student ass loves cheap. Also I plan on spending most of that money buying fair things I don't need anyway. LIKE SAILORMOON THINGS. leavemesmiling I KNOW YOU REMEMBER THIS.

2. Get off my lazy butt A friend is helping me out with this. We've decided to be each other's moral support and pick up *drumroll*..... freerunning :D Obviously, for the first two months (yes I am that out of shape. No upper arm strength for the win!) or so it'll be conditioning and making sure we're physically capable of running around on buildings and jumping off shit before we actually do that. We're both foreseeing great problems in the chin-up department. I'm seeing even more problems in the push up department.

3. Finish a story. I'm not going to be particularly picky about this one. Fanfic, original fic, a short story, whatever. I just want to be able to show someone a finished product is that too much to ask for brain ;_;

4. Redecorate my room. Also one I'm not being too particularly picky about, and it should be easy considering we're moving. During the endlesssss move, I've accumulated lots of weird things, so I'm trying to pick out a theme that makes sense. And paint. I ~love~ painting rooms, though I'm not sure what color just yet.

5. Register for classes. Obviously this is on the top of my out of order list. Registering at a new campus. Clean, fresh start and all that jazz.

6. Finally play all the way through HeartGold. Yes I am very late on this pokemanz train I've been doing a lot of other things. Meh. I was really excited when it came out and I still am, but the whole appeal of it disappeared for awhile. That, and the other day I looked at my team and I was like "God could I have any more *insert type here* Pokemons this team is going to blow." and put the cartridge back into my drawer. SO MOTIVATED.

7. Sleep. No need to explain.

There will probably be some more added to the list but my mind is blank for now. Just one more final (online) and I'm done :D

Happy summer everyone!

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I have to be really tired or something because this:

made me laugh unreasonably hard.

Oh lord, what are we going to do with you, fangirl?
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Falling off of buildings for fun and profit.

So... Having been paid recently and being bored, I went off and bought Mirror's Edge on Friday, thus pushing myself into the slightly more modern realm of gaming. The game itself is a ton of fun, if not a bit disorienting, and it looks beautiful. Reading reviews, I noticed a lot of people saying the trial and error bit of it was a turn off, and that it should have had a stronger plot, yadda yadda, but really, I think it's fun. I especially love the *squish* you hear when you plummet to the ground. :D

Lately, I've been finding myself doing less and less procrastinating. It's a nice touch, if not a little late in the game. Hopefully it'll stick around for next semester. I'm enjoying it for now, getting stuff done and not failing and whatnot.

Today I made cookies. I'm pretty sure I did something wrong, because I now have three dozen cinnamon sugar-covered hockey pucks hanging out in the kitchen. Oh well. Hopefully, everyone else will want to eat them. :D